Tuesday 17 April 2012

What's in a name?

My attention, never exactly up to speed until I’ve had a couple of intravenous morning coffees, was grabbed  by this headline on the BBC website. It read:
"Major Parkinson’s Study Launched”

Which prompted visions of the old chap’s comfortable nicotine-tinged den, complete with worn brown leather armchairs, open smoke-blackened fireplace, walls covered with prints of past military glories and ancient yellowing photographs of the young officer and his colleagues, being taken apart, re-assembled inside a hermetically sealed  capsule and being hurled into space, for the edification of any non-terrestrial life-forms that might come across it.   

“But why”, I thought. So I clicked on the link, only to find that the story referred not to the inter-stellar journey of a hitherto unknown and unsung army man’s habitat, but to a research project initiated by a Glasgow doctor into the causes of  and cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Worthy indeed, but compared to how I’d read  the headline,  how boring. What a let-down.

Don’t they have sub-editors any more?