Saturday, 25 July 2009

Missing the point.

I was speed-reading the headlines on the BBC website over coffee the other morning, and had almost reached the end when I realised that I’d glossed over something interesting.

“ASDA sees total eclipse” impinged on my early morning half-consciousness.

Bloody recession!” I thought. “Bloody Gordon Brown……..!. ”

And clicked on the link.

Then realised that it wasn’t about my favourite( ie nearest) supermarket going down the tubes, but an astronomical phenomenon in the Far East.

I really should get a life.


Purple Passages said...

Ha ha! I do think the BBC website headlines can be a bit obtuse at times though. I quite often misunderstand them.

Of course our Asda in Dunstable is so classy we quite often get total eclipses. Usually when someone with a huge arse goes past the freezer cabinets.

uncle phil said...

Yes - but mistaking "Asia" for "ASDA" is a fairly large scale mis-read, even for me!